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Ronin Mortgages

Variable                               2.45%                        
1 Year                                 2.99%
2 Year                                 3.24%
3 Year                                 3.44%
4 Year                                 3.49%
5 Year                                 3.64%
6 Year                                 3.69%


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Referral Partners


The majority of our business is generated through our network of referral partners: organizations and individuals who introduce us to people they know who are interested in purchasing or selling property.

Referral arrangements are a real win-win and a perfect form of fusion marketing. We grow our business through our networks and our referral partners have the promise of referral fees from successful real estate transactions.


We offer a professional approach to real estate based on well researched, timely market analysis and consistent, attentive customer service.


How our referral program works

For client referrals that result in a successful real estate transaction, we will pay 10% of the gross commission earned on the referred side of the transaction up to $1000.00.

We receive many of our referrals by way of a simple introduction over the email and this works well.

Whether you know someone who is planning to buy a new home or sell an existing home, consider taking
advantage of my Referral Program. Email me now:







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Referral Program

We pay cash for client referrals that result in a successful real estate transaction!