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Current Rates:

Dominion Lending Center Rates
Mortgage Type Rates
 Variable  2.95%
1 Year 3.04%
 2 Year  2.89%
 3 Year 2.89%
 4 Year  2.94%
 5 Year  2.69%
 7 Year  3.44%

Prime: 3.95%


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Home buyer demand picked up across Metro Vancouver last month, Full Story here

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Our Services

Our goal is to exceed your expectation in every aspect of your Real Estate experience.

We offer a comprehensive market evaluation for both buyers and sellers so you have the best information when making your decisions.

We have a clear understanding of what it takes to successfully market your home. Once you decide to proceed with myself as your realtor of choice I’ll provide you with a wealth of knowledge to ensure your home is ready for the market. How your home shows is critically important. I always say, "your first impression is crucial". I want to ensure your home presents itself at its best when we are ready to bring through the first qualified buyers.


From staging your home to making minor repairs, I have a list of qualified professionals that can assist us in getting your home ready for the market.

Once your home is ready and we are ready to proceed I will work to implement a marketing strategy specifically designed to attract the market we are targeting for your home. From a professionally designed information package to floor plans and full internet exposure, I have everything in place to ensure your home is given the maximum exposure prior to you looking at any offers. My goal is to bring through as many qualified buyers to ensure we sell for the highest possible price.

With marketing options in print publications, video home tours, Real Estate websites and publications, newspapers, lifestyle magazines and other online sources, your property will be seen by the masses.

Recently, you may have opened your paper, watched the news, been at the coffee shop or been walking around and saw some funny digital squares with people waiving their cell phones over these images... Wonder what they are?
QR Codes- Welcome to the new digital world of marketing with QR Codes. “QR” stands for “Quick Response”. This small 2 dimensional box may not look like much but it holds even more information than you find on a grocery barcode.

Kelly Golby uses these codes to market your home. Interested parties can use their Smartphones to scan the QR Code dedicated to your Property to see the listing details, pictures and your virtual tour. We’ve included these codes in our flyers and soon on our Listing signs. Talk about information at your fingertips and Going Green all in one!

We have excellent business partners in Law, Home Inspection, Staging, Design, Accounting and Financial Services to lessen any stress or anxiety that may arise during this process.

Tell us what your needs are and I will promise to connect you with the best that Vancouver has to offer.






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