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Little Engine Wine Dinner @ The Vancouver Club

July 10, 2018

This was not my first experience with Little Engine Winery. I was introduced to them two-years ago (they just celebrated their two year anniversary) by a wine rep friend who set up an appointment with proprietors Steve French and his wife Nicole for a private tasting at their lovely winery on the Naramata Bench. It just happened to be on a Sunday morning after I attended a wedding of a close friend that had an open bar. Needless to say it was a struggle to get the courage to drink more wine that morning. However, it didn't take long after meeting Steve and Nicole in their new tasting room that it was going to be a memorable experience. Their kindness put us at ease, the tasting room was inviting and their wine was outstanding.

It was late summer so they didn't have everything available to taste as stock had started to dwindle. We tasted two tiers of Pinot Noir, two tiers of Chardonnay and a Merlot. However, I was instructed by my friend that I needed to try their Cabernet Franc. When I asked about it, Steve said they didn't have any bottled at the moment. He then instructed us to grab our glass and we headed to the barrel room. There we met Scott Robinson, the winemaker. He was up in the stacks checking barrels when Steve asked if we could get a taste of the Cab Franc. We sent our glasses up to the rafters and down they came with a wonderful wine from the heavens. Cab Franc is truly one of my favorite grape varietals and does so well in the Okanagan Valley. Barrel tasting is something I always cherish as it doesn't happen very often and is a very special treat. WHAT A GREAT FIRST IMPRESSION!

Now back to The Vancouver Club. Being on the mailing list and in The Little Engine Wine Club, I saw they were doing a dinner at The Vancouver Club as part of their "Dinner on the Deck" Series. A good friend is a member there and I encouraged her to purchase tickets for herself to go as she would not be disappointed. She ended up getting five tickets so we had a lovely table on their roof top patio for dinner and wine.

The event was hosted with some bubble to start (not from Little Engine). It's always a great way to start an evening. Chef Sean Cousins served up family style-platters of fresh summer fare (some of it straight from our rooftop garden!) Each of the courses was paired with wine selections. We started with Eggplant Salad/honey lime yogurt/fried shallots/mint paired with Little Engine Silver Chardonnay (2016) and a Tomato Salad with cantaloupe, shiso and burrata was served with Little Engine Gold Chardonnay (2016). 2016 Pinot Noir followed accompanied by a baby shrimp mid course. A roasted chicken accompanied by roasted potatos topped it off with both the 2016 Silver and 2016 Gold Merlot. The Gold Merlot was the highlight of the night and I believe it to one of the best Merlot's to come out of the Okanagan. A variety of chocolates and cheeses closed the show. At this point, the night got a little blurry but more wine was consumed and a memorable night was had by all.

Thank you Steve, Nicole and The Vancouver Club for a wonderful setting, delicious food and fantastic wine.

You can order Little Engine Wines directly from the winery and they ship to your door. I just ordered a case of their Rose'. I'll let you know my thoughts. Order Little Engine Wines Here.





Wine's Under $20

Here's a list of wines under $20.

Prices are based in Vancouver, BC and may vary depending on your location.
If you have a suggestion to add to this list please send me a message.







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